BENED SEX - First cryptoapp of legal agreement to SEX
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Bened Hash
First cryptoapp of legal agreement to SEX

The Bened Hash app helps to formalize consent to sex with a partner.

To do this, before you have intercourse, you seal your sexual union in a blockchain. With this blockchain consent, you confirm that the sexual partners' wishes are mutual. The app helps to formalize consent to sexual intercourse and, in the case of allegations of harassment, to use it as evidence of innocence.

Secure Sex Contacts
Against the backdrop of a series of high-profile revelations related to sexual harassment, the app has high global relevance. For example, in Sweden, the rule that a man can be prosecuted if he has not received explicit consent from his partner before sex.

How it works?
To add your intimate event to the Bened Hash blockchain, you need to complete a simple form.

  • Enter full names of event participants.
  • Upload your couple photo
  • Select the event status.
  • Public - the details of your event will be available to everyone.
  • Private - the details of your event will be visible only to you
Completely Legal
To confirm the consent of each partner, a personal signature of each of the participants in the event is used. The signature has real legal significance.

Almost Done
Check if the data is filled in correctly.
You can't go wrong.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to delete data from the Bened Hash blockchain.
Service Fee
Pay the Bened Hash network fee for adding your event to the blockchain.

Bened Hash Service Fee:
10 000 BND

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TRX Confirmation
Your event will be added to Blockchain after 10 confirmations of Bened Hash network.

Wow! Success!
Congratulations! Your event has been successfully added to the Blockchain Bened Hash. You can access it by transaction ID or share it with someone.
Event Explorer
A convenient search by transaction ID will allow you to find or confirm the validity of the data of any event.

With evidence - the Law will be on your side.
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